The Richard Fowler Show

Join us this week for a special edition of The Richard Fowler Show, taped from our brand new Fowler 2.0 studios!  Segments include Political Maniacs, News By The Numbers, Headlines In A Flash, & The Policy Breakdown!  You don't want to miss this! Join the movement!

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Richard spoke this week with David Cobb from Move To Amend coalition and  Daniel Rajiah from College Dems Of Ohio about election turnout and looking towards 2014.  As always, there will be political maniacs, headlines in a flash, and news by the numbers! You dont want to miss this!  

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On this week's Fowler show, Richard chats with Brentin Mock of Colorlines & The Nation about The Voting Rights Act and Larry Ward, the organizers of Gun Appreciation Day.  Other segments include Headlines in a Flash, Political Maniacs, & News By The Numbers.  Join the movement!!

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