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On this week's Fowler Show, Richard chats with Matt Nelson, Campaign Director from Color of Change, and Laicie Heeley, Senior Policy Analyst at the Center For Arms Control & Non-Proliferation.  Other segments include Political Maniacs (this week - Teg Nugent & the FBI), News By The Numbers, & Headlines In A Flash! Join the movement! #fowlernation

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In a special SOTU edition of the Richard Fowler Show, Richard chats with Adam Green, co-founder of the PCCC, and Liz Ryan Murry, from National People's Action to discuss the Robin Hood Tax Campaign.  Other features include Politics Maniacs, Headlines in a Flash, and News By The Numbers.  Join the movement!!

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On this week's Fowler Show, Richard chats with Shaunna Thomas, co-founder of UltraViolet, about the Violence Against Women Act and the congressional delay. In addition, Richard also chats with David Esfeh and Ben Bhatti creators of the EDUCAUTION, a new documentary that highlights the student loan debate crisis being faced in America. This episode also includes political maniacs, news by the numbers and some pop culture funnies! 

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On this week's Fowler Show, Richard chats with Ana Perez of about the immigration reform. Richard also talks  with former ATF Agent and Mayors Against Illegal Guns advisor, David Chapman. This episode also includes political maniacs, news-by-the- numbers and your headlines in a flash. 

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