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Check out this week's show as Richard tackles the HIV/AIDS crisis and the AIDS 2012 Conference that took place in Washington, DC. To help breakdown the isses, Richard was joined by one of the foremost leading experts on AIDS policy, Ernest Hopkins, of the San Francisco AIDS Foundation.  

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Check out the Richard Fowler Show, as Richard talks with Robert Applebaum of Forgive Student Loan Debt Now and Aaron Calafato of 4 Profit! Listen -in! 

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On this episode of the Richard Fowler Show, Richard takes on Mitt Romney's Bain Capital record, with Pastor and Huffington Post Contributor Bryon Williams. Richard also debuts the newest segment "Forever Young: Young Elected Officials" with Councilmember Jermaine Reed (D-Kansas City). This is one of the best Fowler Show episodes! 

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This week on the Fowler Show, Richard chats with Lee Brenner about the launch of WeForPresident. Richard also chats with Yamiche Alcindor from the USA TODAY about the Trayvon Martin Case! 

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This week on the Fowler Show, Richard tackles the Affordable Care Act decision with the Nation Nurses United and Jornalist Sam Colins. In addition, Richard and Sam also talks on the Eric Holder "Fast and Furious" witchhunt! Listen in! 

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