The Richard Fowler Show

Check out this week's show as Richard tackles the Transportation Bill, the Robin Hood Tax Campaign, Stafford Loans and the President's Immigration decision. To talk about the Robin Hood Tax Campaign, Richard was joined by Karen Higgins from the National Nurses United. Please listen-in! 

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Listen in as Richard Fowler talk with Garlin Gilchrist II, National Campaign Director of, about the voter purge that is taking place in Florida. 

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Check out Richard Fowler as he chats with Ed Wytkind  of the Transportation Trades Department with AFL-CIO. The show also had an appearance from Josh Earnest, Deputy Principal Press Secretary for the White House. This show is action should definitely listen.  

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Check out the Richard Fowler as we stand-up for the middle and working class. In this episode, we inform you about why tax cuts don't grow the economy, with featured guest Nick Hanauer.

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