The Richard Fowler Show

Check out the Richard Fowler Show, as he tackles the Student Loan debt crisis with Robert Applebaum @BobbyApples and Toya Carmichael @Toyathehoya!

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Listen in to Richard Fowler as he discusses the WarOnYouth with Charles Basden and Ryan Clayton!

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On this week's show we dish on the Paul Ryan Budget and The People's Budget with Bo Shuff from the Congressional Progressive Caucus. We also talk about the Trayvon Martin case with Yamiche Alcindor from the USA Today.

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The Richard Fowler Show: Episode #13 (04/06/2012) (New Two Hour Format) The Republican Brain

The Richard Fowler Show is now two hours long! On this week's show we hear from New York Times Bestseller, Chris Mooney! He has a new book coming out called "The Republican Brain". The Richard Fowler Show now starts at 8pm! 

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