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On this week's show, Richard discusses #Justice 4 #Trayvon. He is joined in the studio with members of the Nation Black United Fund.

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On this week's show, Richard tackles Transportation Reform! Richard chats with youth Transportation expert, Keith Benjamin. @rkbtwo

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Check out Samuel Collins as he guest host the Richard Fowler Show, only on We Act Radio. In this episode, Sam discusses the education policy in the District of Columbia. Sam breaks it down from the classroom to upward bound with some great guest. Check it out!

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On this week's show, Richard tackles millennial in politics and in life! What is the status on Millennial? How do they feel about to the American Dream? How do they feel about the economy? Find out the answers to all these questions and more on this week's show!!

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On this week's show, Richard tackles three of the biggest GOP myths: 
1) The Auto Bail was a bad idea 
2) Obama has made our nation less safe 
3) Tax cuts for the rich creates jobs. 
To help Richard bust these myths, he employs the help of retired Major General Paul Eaton (US Army)

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On this Episode of the show, Richard tackles underemployment with Casie Yoder from the United Food and Commercial Workers International Union. As part two of special series dedicated to unemployment in America, Richard explores underemployment and how it affects the middle and working class.

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On this episode of show Richard tackles unemployment!

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Check out the Richard Fowler Show as Richard Fowler tackles the Florida Primary and the Payroll Tax Holiday.

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Check out the show...Richard has guest Margie Omero of Monumental Analysis LLC. and we are talking about the Friday Primary.

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A two hour State of the Union Special of the Richard Fowler Show. Only on We Act Radio.

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Imagine a no-spin; upbeat progressive radio show where the voices of everyday people are heard loud and clear. The Richard Fowler Show has arrived! Richard Fowler is a fresh progressive voice with a unique perspective on policy, politics and the American people. You can catch that outlook every Friday on We Act Radio.

On this episode, Richard interviews political commentator Jamal Simmons and Indiana State Representative John Barlett

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