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In the spirit of the holiday season, this week's Fowler Show shows listeners how to empower their mind AND body.  Special guests include nutritional expert and creator of the DVD, "Saving Myself With A Plant Based Diet," Antonio Ford, and the CEO of the Organic Wine Company, Veronique Raskin. Give yourself a break this holiday and listen in!

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The Newtown Massacre, Labor Fight in Michigan, and the Fiscal Cliff: too much going on and not enough time! Tune-in to this episode of The Fowler Show as Richard chats with Ben Cohen of the Daily Banter about Michigan's labor fight and the Newton Massacre. Richard also chats with some listeners about the return of the Civilian Conservation Corps in America. This show also includes Political Maniacs and so much more, you don't want to miss it! 

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A trillion dollars worth of debt and no one is Washington seems to care! On this week's episode, Richard chats with Founder of Forgive Student Loan Debt and author of HR 4170, Robert Applebaum. In addition, Richard discusses the new Campus Progress report entitled "The Student Debt Crisis" with one of the report's authors, Campus Progress Director Anne Johnson. With so much at stake with the Fiscal Cliff and the American economy, now is the time to have a conversation about the student loan debt crisis in America. This episode also includes Political Maniacs, the moment, and a discussion about Senator Mitch McConnell.  

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Has the Senate Filibuster gone to far? Will we get a deal on the Fiscal Cliff? We've got your answer! On this week's episode Richard chats with Common Cause President Bob Edgar about filibuster reform and their lawsuit against the U.S. Senate. Richard also chats with Co-founder of Moms Rising, Kristin Rowe-Finkbeiner about the Fiscal Cliff. This episode also includes Political Maniacs, the moment and lots of jokes about John McCain. Join the movement!

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Listen to this ground breaking Richard Fowler Show! Richard chats with Adam Green, from the PCCC, about the looming fiscal cliff: or lack there of. Richard also brings "The Brawl" back. This is a Fowler Show you don't want to miss. 

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Listen to the Post Election Fowler Show! Richard chat with Reverend Byron Williams about the Obama GOTV machine and Rod Snyder, President of the Young Democrats of America, about the youth vote and agenda moving forward.
This episode also features the return of "Forever Young: Conversations with Young Elected Officials." Richard chatted with Councilman-elect John Chapman.

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Join Richard on this extra special "get out of the vote" spectacular featuring wall to wall guests!  Highlights include interviews with Beau Biden, son of Vice President Biden and Delaware Attorney General, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, FL Rep. & Chair of the Democratic National Committee, Ed Wytkind, President of the TTD, and Larry Cohen, President of the Communication Workers of America.  Other guests include Brentin Mock from The Nation and Lee Saunders, President of AFSCME.  Tune in, get empowered, and VOTE!

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With just three weeks left till the election of our generation, Richard sits down with Pastor, Writer and Progressive Analyst Byron Williams. Richard also has an enlightening conversation about the "Walmart Mom" and how they might decide this election with Democratic pollster Margie Omero. This is a show that you don't want to miss!

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The election is just around the corner, join the conversation with Richard as he chats with Jim Dean from Democracy for America. Richard also chats with Melanie Roussell, Press Secretary for the Democratic National Committee. This is a show that you don't want to miss!

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Join Richard in the conversation as he chats with President of The International Brothers of Teamsters, Jim Hoffa, & co-founder of the Progressce Change Campaign Committee, Adam Green.  Also featuring The Richard Fowler Moment, Political Maniacs, & so much more!

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Join Richard on this episode as he chats with Congressman Jim Moran (D-VA-8th District) about the 2012 election and the Congressman's recent co-sponsorship of HR #4170, The Student Loan Forgiveness Act . Richard also chats with Kathleen Schaefer, founder and principal of Leadership Connection, about Romney's passive leadership style and how it has led to the decline in the poll numbers. Other segments include Political Maniacs, The Moment and Richard's take on voter suppression. 

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Join Richard as he sits down with Roland Martin, host of Washington Watch with Roland Martin on TV One, & the Rev. Jesse Jackson.  Other segments include Political Maniacs, The Moment, and Fowler on the 47%.  Tune in!

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Join Richard Fowler as he breakdown the teachers' strike in Chicago with Donzelle Lamb (A CPS parent supporting the teachers) and Stacy Davis Gates from the Chicago Teachers' Union. Listen to these ladies give you the truth about what the teachers are really fighting for in Chicago. Richard also breaks down the "Republican Contradiction". Don't miss this groundbreaking episode of the Richard Fowler Show. 

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Join Richard and the We Act Radio team as we recap our greatest interviews from "We Act Radio Presents: DNC Live!"  The Richard Fowler Show and Take Action News with David Shuster took the DNC by storm with around the clock coverage and interviews online via UStream & on the airwaves at 1480 AM.  Highlights include interviews with John Podesta (Clinton's Cheif of Staff & Chair of the CAP), Randi Winegarten (President of the American Federation of Teachers), Deon Jones (the youngest elected official in DC), Illyse Hogue (reporter for The Nation), Maya Rockeymoore (social justice rockstar!), & great banter with our neighbors on Radio Row: Breitbart.

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Richard Fowler breaks down and analyzes every aspect of the RNC on this week's show!  Guests include Cliff Schecter & Kristin Rowe-Finkbeiner of MomsRising Radio on We Act Radio!

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On this week's show, Richard talks with author and historian Nancy L. Cohen about the recent Todd Akin quotes and how this will play out in November. In "Forever Young" this week, Richard chats with newly elected Cincinnati Councilmember, P.G Sittenfeld. If you are woman or love a woman, you need to listen to this show. 
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On this week's show, Richard talks to the legendary, William "Bill" Lucy. Bill is the current president of the Coalition of Black Trade Unionists and the former Secretary-Treasurer of AFSCME. This conversation is powerful, riveting and one that listeners of color have got to hear. This show also includes political maniacs, the brawl and so much more. 

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Richard chats with the legendary Joan Blades, co-founder of and Richard and Joan chatted about the changing role of women in American politics, activism and leadership. If you are a progressive woman in the movement this episode is for you!

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Check out this week's Fowler Show as Richard tackles the Romney's messaging problems. Why is Mitt's campaign such a mess? To help tackle these issues Richard is joined by Pastor Byron Williams. 

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Check out this week's show as Richard tackles the HIV/AIDS crisis and the AIDS 2012 Conference that took place in Washington, DC. To help breakdown the isses, Richard was joined by one of the foremost leading experts on AIDS policy, Ernest Hopkins, of the San Francisco AIDS Foundation.  

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Check out the Richard Fowler Show, as Richard talks with Robert Applebaum of Forgive Student Loan Debt Now and Aaron Calafato of 4 Profit! Listen -in! 

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On this episode of the Richard Fowler Show, Richard takes on Mitt Romney's Bain Capital record, with Pastor and Huffington Post Contributor Bryon Williams. Richard also debuts the newest segment "Forever Young: Young Elected Officials" with Councilmember Jermaine Reed (D-Kansas City). This is one of the best Fowler Show episodes! 

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This week on the Fowler Show, Richard chats with Lee Brenner about the launch of WeForPresident. Richard also chats with Yamiche Alcindor from the USA TODAY about the Trayvon Martin Case! 

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This week on the Fowler Show, Richard tackles the Affordable Care Act decision with the Nation Nurses United and Jornalist Sam Colins. In addition, Richard and Sam also talks on the Eric Holder "Fast and Furious" witchhunt! Listen in! 

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Check out this week's show as Richard tackles the Transportation Bill, the Robin Hood Tax Campaign, Stafford Loans and the President's Immigration decision. To talk about the Robin Hood Tax Campaign, Richard was joined by Karen Higgins from the National Nurses United. Please listen-in! 

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Listen in as Richard Fowler talk with Garlin Gilchrist II, National Campaign Director of, about the voter purge that is taking place in Florida. 

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Check out Richard Fowler as he chats with Ed Wytkind  of the Transportation Trades Department with AFL-CIO. The show also had an appearance from Josh Earnest, Deputy Principal Press Secretary for the White House. This show is action should definitely listen.  

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Check out the Richard Fowler as we stand-up for the middle and working class. In this episode, we inform you about why tax cuts don't grow the economy, with featured guest Nick Hanauer.

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Join in the movement for the people of Wisconsin. Listen-in as Richard discusses the recall effort taking place in Wisconsin days before the election. In this episode, Richard chats with Communications Director of the Wisconsin Democratic Party, Graeme Zelinski. 

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Check out Richard's as he tackles Mitt Romney's Flip-Floping! 

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Check out Richard as he talks to Congressman Hansen Clarke and discusses Ohio and Michigan's battleground status!

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Check out the Richard Fowler Show, as he tackles the Student Loan debt crisis with Robert Applebaum @BobbyApples and Toya Carmichael @Toyathehoya!

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Listen in to Richard Fowler as he discusses the WarOnYouth with Charles Basden and Ryan Clayton!

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On this week's show we dish on the Paul Ryan Budget and The People's Budget with Bo Shuff from the Congressional Progressive Caucus. We also talk about the Trayvon Martin case with Yamiche Alcindor from the USA Today.

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The Richard Fowler Show: Episode #13 (04/06/2012) (New Two Hour Format) The Republican Brain

The Richard Fowler Show is now two hours long! On this week's show we hear from New York Times Bestseller, Chris Mooney! He has a new book coming out called "The Republican Brain". The Richard Fowler Show now starts at 8pm! 

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On this week's show, Richard discusses #Justice 4 #Trayvon. He is joined in the studio with members of the Nation Black United Fund.

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On this week's show, Richard tackles Transportation Reform! Richard chats with youth Transportation expert, Keith Benjamin. @rkbtwo

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Check out Samuel Collins as he guest host the Richard Fowler Show, only on We Act Radio. In this episode, Sam discusses the education policy in the District of Columbia. Sam breaks it down from the classroom to upward bound with some great guest. Check it out!

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On this week's show, Richard tackles millennial in politics and in life! What is the status on Millennial? How do they feel about to the American Dream? How do they feel about the economy? Find out the answers to all these questions and more on this week's show!!

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On this week's show, Richard tackles three of the biggest GOP myths: 
1) The Auto Bail was a bad idea 
2) Obama has made our nation less safe 
3) Tax cuts for the rich creates jobs. 
To help Richard bust these myths, he employs the help of retired Major General Paul Eaton (US Army)

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On this Episode of the show, Richard tackles underemployment with Casie Yoder from the United Food and Commercial Workers International Union. As part two of special series dedicated to unemployment in America, Richard explores underemployment and how it affects the middle and working class.

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On this episode of show Richard tackles unemployment!

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Check out the Richard Fowler Show as Richard Fowler tackles the Florida Primary and the Payroll Tax Holiday.

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Check out the show...Richard has guest Margie Omero of Monumental Analysis LLC. and we are talking about the Friday Primary.

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A two hour State of the Union Special of the Richard Fowler Show. Only on We Act Radio.

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Imagine a no-spin; upbeat progressive radio show where the voices of everyday people are heard loud and clear. The Richard Fowler Show has arrived! Richard Fowler is a fresh progressive voice with a unique perspective on policy, politics and the American people. You can catch that outlook every Friday on We Act Radio.

On this episode, Richard interviews political commentator Jamal Simmons and Indiana State Representative John Barlett

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