The Richard Fowler Show

On this week's Fowler Show, Richard breaks down the week's news to inform, empower, and help you get your voice back! Richard talks about the latest stories including how the GOP civil war is continuing to rage on, why Eric Holder stood up for his controversial "nation of cowards" remarks, how the CDC had to close labs after exposing employees to anthrax and bird flu, and how a new study has shown that 10,000 hours is NOT the magic number for practicing to become an expert.  Richard was also joined for a special interview by Justin Lee, Gay Christian Network Executive Director.  Other segments include Political Maniacs (The conservative brain, Tennessee, Ann Coulter, William Gheen), News By The Numbers (the $ DoD spent of F-35 jet could have bought every homeless person in the USA a $600,000 mansion), Headlines In A Flash, & The Richard Fowler Moment! Join #fowlernation!

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